the end


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You’ve been drinking like the world was gonna end (it didn’t)

I miss you

And my weird accent which is apparently 86 % american? Haha, well I’m still here, so hook me up whenever you want bby

I just downloaded this app “American test” where you basically have to say given words into your phone and APPARENTLY I SOUND 86% AMERICAN. FUCK YEAH!

Anonymous asked: "your past self, past castiel, or 2014 cas?"
Send me 3 names & I'll take a screenshot of the menu below and then have to answer which of the three I would...

make out with: past self (cause who can better prove but yourself what an awesome kisser you are, am I right?)

strip: past castiel

bite: 2014!Cas

Anonymous asked: "the dead body of your father, lucifer, or samandriel"
Send me 3 names & I'll take a screenshot of the menu below and then have to answer which of the three I would...

kickbox: father

curse: lucifer

elect (to power): FUCKING SAMANDRIEL

Anonymous asked: "your mom, your dad, your brother"
Send me 3 names & I'll take a screenshot of the menu below and then have to answer which of the three I would...

rescue: mom

eat: Dad (……)

banish: brother

Anonymous asked: "Aaron Bass, Castiel, Gordon"
Send me 3 names & I'll take a screenshot of the menu below and then have to answer which of the three I would...

commit crime with: Aaron Bass

bind: Gordon

run away with: Castiel


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{ I wish you could remind me who I was }


Cas didn’t particularly like when Dean talked about killing people, regardless of what they’ve done, Dean was a hunter, not an assassin. So he paused his job of treating the fearless leader’s knuckles when he spoke in that dark tone. It was some terrifying tone that could make anyone fear him, but Cas was more concerned about Dean’s humanity than most people were (Dean himself included). He was about to say something about just kicking them out of the camp, that way Dean wouldn’t have to do anything really and Rick and the others would have a chance to survive… just working harder to achieve that. Because yes, Cas knew where Dean’s rage was coming from. He had set up a camp where people had to live by the rules instead of falling into the chaos that Lucifer brought upon them, and when someone disobeyed they had to be punished. It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that it was Cas they messed with. Not at all.

But just when he was about to open his mouth to say something, Dean spoke again, and only just then, Cas realized that the hand he was holding to heal was shaking with anger… and of course Dean tried to pull away. This time Cas didn’t try to stop him and instead opted to release the grip he had on the man’s wrist. “I was almost done,” he whispered, not really thinking about what he was doing anymore, he just grabbed the bandages he took out to use on Dean’s hands and slowly placed them close to Dean for him to do it. “But feel free to finish the job,” he cryptically referred to both the healing of his wounds and the ‘killing them’ job.

Instinctively, Cas laid down and spun on the bed to look the other way, just like he did when they just had sex and Dean was leaving. It was just a mechanism of defense that Cas used to not look as the fearless leader walked away from him and left him alone yet again, it also worked to pretend that Dean stayed to spend the night with him. Tonight he needed that fantasy more than ever, but years of experience told him that it wasn’t going to happen. It never did.

"Thank you," he finally dared to say out loud as a last resort for making Dean stay. It was a stupid attempt because Dean was more angry at Rick and the others than he was concerned for Cas. "… you didn’t have to do that either, but you did. So thank you."

He then proceeded to cover himself up with the blankets so that he could put a hand over his sore ass to try to ease the pain from the aggressive pounding he received before Dean arrived.

Dean watched Cas out of the corners of his eyes as he lied down on the bed, not trying to pursue him to finish his work, as the ex-hunter pulled away. So Dean rolled the rest of the bandage sloppily over his hand, but stopped when he heard Cas talking again.

"Don’t", he snapped when he heard the apology. He didn’t want Cas to thank him. Not after the things he’d said before. "Don’t", he repeated, a little softer this time. This was my fault. 

Cas was laying in the position Dean had seen him many times before. The way he turned his back towards him, the way his body changed into a defensive position. He’d seen it because it was always after those nights when they were together. Dean never stayed after sex and after some time the fearless leader didn’t even attempt to wait for Cas to fall asleep and then sneak out. Instead he walked away right after it. And those were the times the fallen angel had always turned into that position.

He noticed how Cas attempted to pull the blanket over himself, struggling a little with it because it was tangled up in itself. Before Dean could even think about what he was doing, his hands reached for the edge of the blanket, and pulled it slowly over the man, covering him to his shoulders. His hand lingered on the other’s upper arm, way too long for it to happen accidentally, the touch gentle other than his usual treatment was. Then, when he got brought back to reality, he pulled his hand back. For a moment, his mouth opened, as if he wanted to say something- but he didn’t know what. And Dean shouldn’t stay any longer anyways. Cas needed some time for himself, without any people treating him like shit. So, the former hunter stood up and walked slowly to the door.

"Forget about the patrol tomorrow", he said, as he reached the door. "You rest" Cas was assigned for the first patrol early morning, most hated shift because it meant to get up at 4 and stand there for 5 hours, being barely awake, but someone had to do it. But Dean would find a replacement and if not, he’d friggin do it himself.